Sysbot Documentation

Here, you can find some useful informations about Sysbot.



Requirements: - php5; (or later) - php5-curl; (or later) - a web server (apache, nginx, etc.).

Install required dependencies, then clone Sysbot repo:

$ git clone -b old

All done, you have successfully installed Sysbot!


Using Webhooks

If you have a domain with SSL support enabled, you can set a webhook to bot.php file:

Where TOKEN is your real bot token (remember: '123456789:qwertyuiop', and not 'bot123456789:qwertyuiop').

Note: if you are quite noob, you may want to use Webhook-AutoSet.

Using getUpdates

Just delete the webhook and start bot.


You can edit current bot settings by editing DATA/management/settings.json file.

General Settings

Available settings: - "parse_mode" -> Messages parse mode. Can be "HTML" or "Markdown", according to Telegram API Docs; - "send_actions" -> Bot will send actions like "typing", "sending file", etc. Can be true or false; - "in_maintenance" -> When in maintenance mode, bot will reply a custom written message and will ignore all commands. Can be true or false; - "maintenance_msg" -> Message sent by bot in maintenance mode; - "test_mode" -> When in test mode, Sysbot will use Telegram Test Bot API (A.K.A. Deep Telegram Bot API); please note that you must create a bot with Deep Telegram's BotFather, and use its token, otherwise you will get a 401 Unauthorized Error. Can be true or false. P.S.: You can signup to Telegram Test even from Telegram Web.

Available methods

You can find a list of available methods here.